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Did Dinosaurs Evolve Into Birds? Nope!

What is the evidence dinosaurs evolved into birds?

The thought is that there were three steps: (1) First bipedal locomaton, the theropod dinosaurs such as T-Rex. (2) Then dinosaurs developed feathers, and then a wishbone. (3) Finally more complex feathers developed. (Scientific American) But these steps do not even begin to account for the changes necessary!

The major "icon" of bird evolution is archaeopteryx, which is now generally agreed to have been a true bird with fully developed feathers. It supposedly was part dinosaur because it had a long tail and teeth. But other bird fossils have long tails and teeth. The scientific consensus now is that archaeopteryx was a true bird.

Dinosaurs With Feathers

A dinosaur with feathers is not a problem for Biblical creation. If a dinosaur with feathers is ever found, that just means it is a dinosaur with feathers. It does not address the major changes that would be needed, such as a once-thru lung (see below).

One of the most famous dinosaur fossils supposedly with feathers is the Chinese Sinosauropteryx. As with most claims of feathered dinosaurs, Sinosauropteryx appears to have fossil impressions of decayed dermal collagen fibers. These collagen fibers are frayed and are interpreted to be proto-feathers. But that's just wishful thinking. They are the normal result of body decay. As the body goes into death throes there is buckling of the skin on the animal's back, which is seen in the fossil impression. This would only be possible if the collagen filaments were part of a single structure, not separate as they would need to be to be proto-feathers.

A Bird's Once Through Lung

Birds burn a lot of energy when they fly, and this requires huge amounts of oxygen. Like people, dinosaurs have bellows lungs. We breath in, then we breath out. This type of lung does not deliver enough oxygen quick enough to sustain a bird's energy requirements. Birds have a once through lung that operates with a continuous flow of air, just like a jet engine. Air continuously flows through the bird's lung system providing the needed oxygen. Archaeopteryx has a bird's once-through lung, while the supposedly feathered dinosaur Sinosauropteryx clearly had a reptilian type bellows lung. Any transition from one to the other would result in a point at which the old lung system would not work before the new style lung system was developed. The result would not be evolution. It would be a dead dinosaur.

Another problem involves transitioning from solid bones designed to carry the huge weight of a dinosaur, to hollow bones designed to make flight possible. A halfway bone is detrimental to both dinosaurs and birds. The result? Any dinosaur making this transition would be a dead dinosaur.

God created dinosaurs as dinosaurs and birds as birds. They are designed to do what they do, and they do it well.

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