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Global Flood: Evidence We Should Expect

Such a catastrophic event as a global flood should result in significant evidence that it happened. In addition to the geological evidence (we've already talked about that here, here, and here) we should see cultural evidence. People would pass on the story about the flood for generations. And we do see that type of evidence. For example, the creator God of the Bible, and the flood, were such a big part of the lives of the original Chinese people that they incorporated them into their written language.

chinese - large boat

Pictures are used for written Chinese. However, that does not mean each "word" is a unique character. Many of the characters are composed of other characters. The above video looks at the Chinese word for large boat (or ship). It is composed of three characters: the characters for boat, eight, and mouth (living, breathing people). That's Noah's ark! Noah's ark was large, and was a boat with just eight people on it. We see the global flood and Noah's ark captured in ancient Chinese characters, providing cultural proof the flood was real.

chinese - garden

The second word we'll look at is the Chinese character for "garden" (or park). Here we see a picture of the Garden of Eden. It includes an enclosure, and inside that enclosure is dust, breath (life), and two people. So we see the creation of humanity in the Garden of Eden in this character.

The character for "mouth" has several shades of meaning. Here it refers to breath... God took dust and breathed life into it. This character can also represents a living person, as it does with the character for a ship (above). One mouth means one person. But there there is another symbol for a person, and that symbol is there twice, indicating two people... and one person is coming out of the side of the other. You can see this better in the contemporary character that has the same meaning. Draw a vertical line down the middle of this character and you can see you basically have the same character back-to-back.

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