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The Faint Sun Paradox

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The Earth Will Get A Lot Hotter

Yes, the earth will get hotter, but this isn't man-made global warming. It's called the faint sun paradox.

What is that?

If the sun is billions of years old, it should be a lot hotter. Our sun is too faint! This is what happens: as the sun ages its composition changes as the result of nuclear reactions and the sun gets hotter. Based on this fact, 3.5 billion years ago, when life was supposedly getting started on earth, based on the current condition of the sun, the sun would have been putting out much less radiation. That means the earth would have been 31 degrees cooler and completely frozen. But there's no evidence of this. None at all. So the earth must have be warm in the past, about the same temperature as today. But if that's true about the past, the sun (and as a result the earth) should be much hotter today. But it isn't. That's the faint sun paradox.

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