Hummingbirds Reveal God

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Hummingbirds Show Evolution Is Impossible

Gods Creation: Hummingbirds

Scripture says that when we look at God's creation, we not only know there is a creator God, we know something of his invisible attributes, eternal power and divine nature.

"...because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.' - Romans 1:19-20

God Is Easily Seen in Hummingbirds

Not only are their iridescent colors beautiful, that hummingbirds even exist are testimony about God.

An article in Creation Magazine (link below) points out that if we operated at the same energy level as hummingbirds, we would need to eat 1,300 hamburgers and drink nearly 16 gallons of water PER DAY. I've sometimes imagined that if we could put some LED lights on a hummingbird, people would see it flying at night and know for certain they had just seen an UFO -- high speed flight, rapid changing of directions, including going backward and suddenly hovering... everything that is seen in UFOs. For a hummingbird to do this requires a unique body and wing design unlike those in any other bird. For just the flight ability of a hummingbird to have evolved requires multiple skeletal, ligament, brain, nerves, and muscle features to have evolved all at one time. One of these features by itself not only provides no advantage, but would be detrimental to the organism. This type of flight could not evolve one small step at a time.

But it takes more that just the flight system to make a hummingbird. Its huge energy requirements need to be supplied. Let's assume you suddenly mutated to be super fast. You are now The Flash (the comic book super hero). You moved so quickly that that what used to take all day to accomplish could now be done in a few minutes. But where are you going to get the energy? You have to not only eat 1300 hamburgers and drink 16 gallons of water every day, you need to digest it, and get that energy to the individual cells in your body. This requires major changes to your digestive system, lungs (you'll need a lot more oxygen), heart, and circulatory system. Plus changes to your brain and nervous system to control it all. Without these changes, your super fast speed will result in super fast death from starvation.

So now you need to simultaneous evolve super speed and a entirely new energy supply system, both at the precisely same time, and both must (through accidental mutations) create exactly what is needed, when it is needed. We are now in the realm of beyond impossibility. Keep in mind, from what science has observed mutations are generally detrimental (harmful). That's why things that cause mutations (nuclear waste) are scary. At best mutations are neutral, they do nothing helpful nor harmful. A beneficial mutation that creates new information (that's what required for a hummingbird to come into existence) has never been observed. Thinking that the many characteristics of a hummingbird, all requiring an increase in genetic information, could all happen at once, is absurd.

But it doesn't end there. Not only does the humming bird need a special flight system AND a special energy supply system, it needs the ability to find and "eat" high-energy food. An excellent source of the needed type of food is nectar. Nectar is a sugar rich liquid produced by plants. (People provide hummingbirds with sugar water.) But getting nectar isn't easy. It requires a long beak, and then a long tongue that can reach into a flower AND quickly take up nectar. (The tongue in a hummingbird is actually a miniature pump that allows them to "lick" the flower 20 times per second... but that's another special feature and another topic for another time.) The hummingbird not only needs to be able hover while feeding on nectar, but it needs to fly backwards to pull it's beak out of the flow when it is done. No backwards flying, and the hummingbird dies. Backwards flying without the ability to eat nectar, and the hummingbird dies from starvation. On top of this, once it has a long tongue, where does it store that tongue when it's not in use? It can't be left hanging out, flapping in the wind as the hummingbird flies. That would ruin the aerodynamics and the hummingbird dies. There is a special cavity in the back of the hummingbird's head and the tongue curls up and retracts into this cavity. Amazing!

Hummingbirds: Too Complex For Evolution

I've just touched lightly on some of the unique features of hummingbirds. All of these features need to be present, and fully functional, or the hummingbird dies. Evolution could not do this. Hummingbirds show the wonderful, intricate design that only results from intelligence... the intelligence of our creator God. Just as Romans one says, when we look at creation we see God.

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