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Supernatural Restricts Science

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Does A Belief In The Supernatural Restrict Science?

Not If It's Christianity!

On their web site humanists claim that the supernatural restricts (holds back) the advancement of science. All total there are about 180 accusations against the Bible on the humanist's web site (we answer them all). Several of them state that Christian belief in the supernatural prevented the advancement of science and identified "religion" as the underlying causes of the "dark ages". So the question is, is science superior to religion? The humanists make that claim and we answer it (click here)

Here is the specific humanist accusation:

QUOTED FROM THE HUMANIST'S WEB PAGE: "Because of believing that supernatural beings control the world, people have often misdirected their energies in attempting to solve problems. Instead of studying the world to discover scientific solutions to problems, they performed religious activities in an effort to obtain the assistance of benevolent supernatural beings or thwart the influence of malicious ones.

"This misdirection of energies is seen, for instance, in the history of the attempts to prevent the outbreak and spread of diseases in Europe. The historian Andrew White relates that, during many centuries in the Middle Ages, the filthiness of European cities repeatedly caused great plagues that sent multitudes to their graves."

The answer in brief, is that: if people had followed Biblical principles, diseases and the great plague (the Black Death) would not have spread nor killed so many people. During this time the Jews in Europe were following Biblical practices and they lived. The plague seemed to by-pass them. Read the complete answer here.

BTW, there was no such time as the "dark ages." They Middle Ages were not dark. Thanks to Christianity science flourished and great advances in technology were made in Europe during that 1000 year period. Prior to the spread of Christianity people believed in gods who were capricious and arbitrary. You never knew what the future would bring or when a god would change his/her mind. Christianity revealed the true God, who is not a God of confusion. A God who maintains the universe such that we can study it (do science) and learn about our God and His creation. This truth alone revolutionized science.

God created the universe, and has told us how to live such that the effects of disease and plagues are limited, and He did this thousands of years before science came up with the idea of quarantine and sannitation.

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