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Three Questions to Ask A Believer in Evolution

QUESTION #1 - How Do You Define Evolution?

The most common tactic used to "prove" evolution true is to change the definition of "evolution" in the middle of the conversation. For example, evolution will be defined as "a change in the genome over time." What this means is simply that the genetic information (DNA for example) changes. This is true. There are mutations, substitutions, replications, and other ways that changes. No one disputes that. Then they will say, "There it is, proof evolution happens." -- meaning that molecules to man (all organisms have a common ancestor) has been proven. That is not true.

Definition #1 - evolution is defined as change

Definition #2 - evolution is defined as all life having a common ancestor

These two definitions are very different. Proving that the information in DNA changes does not prove we have a common ancestor.

The noted noted British zoologist and physiologist Dr. Gerald Kerkut, distinguishes between the two major definitions of "evolution."

“There is a theory which states that many living animals can be observed over the course of time to undergo changes so that new species are formed. This can be called the ‘Special Theory of Evolution’ and can be demonstrated in certain cases by experiments. On the other hand there is the theory that all the living forms in the world have arisen from a single source which itself came from an inorganic form. This theory can be called the ‘General Theory of Evolution.’ and the evidence that supports it is not sufficiently strong to allow us to consider it as anything more than a working hypothesis.”

Proving the General Theory of Evolution (GTE) requires more than proving things change. You must prove that new information, resulting in new characteristics, is created. AND, you must prove that life arose from non-life. Both of these have been demonstrated to be impossible. (Watch some of our other videos here, here, and here.)

QUESTION #2 - Has evolution ever been observed?

Richard Dawkins has famously stated: "Evolution has been observed. It is just that it has not been observed while it is happening." ("Battle over evolution" - Bill Moyers interviews Richard Dawkins, December 3, 2004, PBS) If something that supposedly happens has not been observed happening, it has not been observed.

The purpose of asking this question is to reinforce the answer to the first question. Even after discussing the definition of evolution, evolutionists will answer this second question by saying things such as, "Of course it has been observed. We see new species all the time." What is a new species? A species is a human created system of categorizing life. Basically a species is a variation on an existing kind of life that cannot breed with the original form. For example, there are some rabbits in Canada that cannot breed with some rabbits in Florida. So they are different species. But what are they? Rabbits. The evolutionist will come up with examples of change (the Special; Theory of Evolution) and try to use them to prove the General Theory of Evolution. Don't accept this. They are using one definition of "evolution" to supposedly prove a different definition of "evolution." That doesn't work.

Sometimes the evolutionist will try to buffalo you by using a complex example you are not familiar with. They might say, "Evolution has been observed in the laboratory. Richard Lenski's experiment with E-coli bacteria has shown evolution taking place over a span of 70,000 generations." Yes, this experiment has been going on for decades and the E-coli bacteria have changed. For example, some of them eat a different type of food. But... what are they? They are still E-coli. No evolution.

life does not come from non-life

QUESTION #3 - How did life originate?

I included this question because it demonstrates another tactic evolutionists use. It has been scientifically proven that life does not originate from non-life since Louis Pasteur in the 19th century. At the very same time Darwin was coming out with his theory, Pasteur was scientifically demonstrating Darwinism was impossible. But, Darwin was embraced and Pasteur was ignored.

For the past 100 years you have been a part of a HUGE experiment that has demonstrated, with observable empirical evidence, that life does not arise from non-life. Open your refrigerator and look at a bottle of milk (or any dairy product, beer, fruit juice, or yogurt). On the label it says "pasteurized." Pasteurization kills most living organisms in the milk. As a result the milk has a longer shelf life. (Note: Thermophiulic spores can survive normal pasteurization, but they take time to germinate. In addition, the milk may degrade over time due to chemical reactions.) These food products have all the components necessary for life. They a pasteurized because we KNOW that killing off the living organisms in the milk means the milk will be free from bacteria. If there is no life in the milk, no new life and arise. We have been pasteurizing food for over 100 years, and there has never been an example of spontaneous generation of life in milk (or any dairy product).

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