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The more we learn about genetics, the more we see that evolution did not happen. The facts of genetics strongly point to a Biblical creation and away from evolution. Mutations have found to essentially be universally degrading the genome on the molecular level. We are de-evolving... going downward... not evolving upward. The design seen in DNA, and other genetic mechanisms such as epigentic material, is so complex that assembling the genetic information for even the simplest organisms is overwhelming beyond our comprehension. And the origins issue hangs over everything. Where did the information for all of this specified complexity come from in the first place? Information never comes about randomly. It always has intelligence as its source. Based on what is observed, the creator God of the Bible is real; the Bible is true; and we have to face the fact that we will be held accountable for every action and thought.

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"Human fitness is declining at 3–5% per generation." - Rate M. Lynch, Molecular spectrum, and consequences of human mutation, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107(3):961–968, 2010

Genetic entropy is real and it is the opposite of evolution. We now know genetic entropy is a fact and that means evolution never happened. Because of this, genetic entropy is strongly denied by believers in evolution, even though the science, and common sense, strongly support genetic entropy. Because of the importance of this topic, we have separated out some of the genetic entropy links. However, links in other sections of this page go to articles, papers and videos that also discuss genetic entropy. It is not a topic that can be completely separated from genetics in general.

The arguments against genetic entropy are largely based on changing the definition of "beneficial." Genetic entropy is looking at mutations on the molecular level, where it is observed that mutations break things, such as the genetic code. In most cases the changes are so small that they have no effect on the organism, and are thus classified on the macro level as neutral... even though the genome has been damaged. In some cases the damage results in a mutation that is beneficial to the organism in a specific environment. The sickle cell anemia mutation is an example of that. It is beneficial in that it results in resistance to malaria. However, that resistance comes at a cost. The genome has been damaged, information for forming red blood cells has been distorted, and overall the organism is less fit. On the other hand, those claiming genetic entropy is not happening ONLY look at the macro scale. They see resistance to malaria and claim it was a beneficial mutation. Ignoring the fact the the benefit results from a degrading (damage) of the genome on the molecular level.

"Dr. Behe, an expert in cell biology and biochemistry, shows that all 'beneficial” bacterial mutations which he has analyzed consistently turn out to entail a loss-of-function rather than creation of a new biological function. Loss of function mutations involve such things as deleted genes, inactivated genes, or otherwise disrupted genes. This means that even useful adaptive mutations usually still involve a net loss of information.'" - Dr. John Sanford, Biological Information – New Perspectives, A Synopsis and Limited Commentary

Be careful when looking at counter arguments. As is common in evolution vs. creation discussions, the evolution side does not give you the complete story.




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